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In the last five years I have moved seven times and called at least nine places home. Each time I uproot myself is more rewarding and each new space more inspiring than the last. I’ve always kept my belongings to an intentional minimum and then all at once a nesting instinct kicked in. Perhaps it’s falling in love with my new home, but then maybe it’s just the cold…

Kitchen wares for the nesting girl.

Griddle | Berry basket | French press | Muffin tin | Cookbook | Candlestick | Mixing bowls | Cutting board | Jars

Packing | Nordic Skiing

I may be alone on this one, but Winter is my favorite season to be outdoors. Good snow and pine trees are critical ingredients though! I’m getting ready to counter the freezing winter chill with a weekend Nordic skiing  in Door County on the shores of Lake Michigan.  [Reviews after the break.]

1/ The skis  2/ The best base layer  3/ Embracing the 70s (similar)  4/ Down  5/ The best ski sock  6/ Waterproof leggings (?!)  7/ Poles from Norway  8/ The best “bass” layer  9/ Not-your-7th-grade Fleece

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Earlier this month, the University of Chicago Arts Incubator invited me to  lead an architecture and urban design workshop for teen arts leaders from throughout the city.  Teenagers are mind-blowing.

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