Port Lust

I’m a constant real estate voyeur, despite being a long ways from homeownership– This week, I could not stop clicking on listings for empty waterfront lots in small port cities. I think a port might be the best place for me to straddle my opposing desires for both fresh (quiet) air and enough downtown bustle to keep me energized. A little floating home inspiration for an anchor-friendly lot:

1/ Amsterdam  2/ Finland  3/ Japan  4/ Lagos  5/ Maine  6/ Norway  7/ Ontario  8/ Seattle  (with a houseboat design how-to from the architect) 9/ Texas

SHOP | Spring at Last

Spring really took its sweet time this year in both Chicago and New York. Lots of travel, major project culminations, and professional jumps in the air this season! Remembering to keep a cool head as all kind of pent-up ideas from the last year start to grow lives of their own. Also diligently keeping my table full of fresh cut flowers these days – a little Bouqs offer below to get in on some blooms! Just sent my extra set of stems to my horticulturalist-gardener mom, and the blossoms are as top notch as they look in the pics.

1/ Staying storm-proof  2/ Tenderly  3/ Rainboots that don’t look like rainboots  4/  Mineral elements  5/ Pretending I’m French  6/ Studio Landline never waits for Memorial Day  7/  Long weekends though  8/ The versatile waistcoat  9/ Flowers for you, flowers for your bff (Links to BOGO offer)