Makers | Anna Donlan


As I’ve gotten older I’d like to think I’ve gotten smarter about what I spend my money on. I’m trying to make lasting decisions when it comes to both my wardrobe and my home, and I’m slowly trying to invest in pieces that I will have (and love) for years.  Now that I’ve settled into my apartment a little, my attention has turned to finding a few pieces of art for both the living room and bedroom.

Keeping in mind my new emphasis on quality, I have begun researching photographers to find a beautiful print for above our bed. Enter Anna Donlan. A friend from living in Austin, but independently she’s an artist I deeply admire. I use her photographs in my own work and I dream of the day I can fund her travel to photograph for me. For now I’ll settle on going through her website to pick which photo we’re going to print for my apartment.




Excited that I’m going to get to work with Anna on a project when I’m in Austin in a few weeks for South by South West.

Anna’s Website

Anna’s Blog

Anna’s  instagram



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